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4 September > 23 October

A little cash
goes a long way

Up to you to capture things that one can buy with not much.


Till the 23th of October 2019

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«5000 Indian rupees (63 euros) - Seeing my daughter so happy on the bright red bike I got for her birthday left me with the most priceless memory. It is worth every penny I saved to get her this gift.» ©Sharva Mangaonkar

Photograph your small buys that bring great joy!

A new bike, a rewarding day at work or a train ticket to visit loved ones. There’s a whole list of things one can get by not paying much. From the small amount of coins forgotten at the bottom of our pockets to the small notes kept in our wallets, there is no doubt that these small bills can bring big thrills and that a little cash goes a long way.

CashEssentials, together with Wipplay, is launching yet another photo contest where the challenge of this year’s theme is to capture the small joyful moments that have been purchased with cash.

A place, a moment, an object or an action… Simply submit a quality image that you have taken portraying the happiness money buys and the joy it brings. Make sure to write a short description sharing your story that will help us live the experience.

Some Inspiration

«1630 Argentine pesos (25 euros) - It doesn't cost me much to buy a ticket back home and I lose track of all time on the way to see my family. They say it's not about the destination but the journey – but for me, it's both.» ©Sharva Mangaonkar
«A small bundle of hay - 3€. Michel cuts the hay once a year and collects 270 bundles of 15kg each. His harvest feeds his horse. If there is surplus, around 50 bundles are sold to individuals in the market.» ©Thierry Bouët
«Curtains - 80 €. In her family home, one of Véronique's aunts made these curtains for her niece's room. The fabric comes from the Samaritaine. As she leaves for Spain, Véronique wonders if the fabrics will go with the Mediterranean style.» ©Thierry Bouët
«Transat - 55 €. A metal frame. Wooden armrests. Very good state. Thick mattress. Available on site. Joëlle bought this deckchair last year, love at first sight. Realising she had no time to dedicate to it, she decided to sell it without a second thought!» ©Thierry Bouët

Submit your photo and tell us your story for a chance to win!

Jury Prizes

1st prize

1500 euros

2nd prize

750 euros

3rd prize

325 euros

Public Prizes

1st prize

500 euros

2nd prize

250 euros

3rd prize

125 euros

The Jury

Thierry Bouët


A prolific author and eclectic photographer, Thierry Bouët started his career as Tony Kent's assistant. He quickly became a photographer and an art director at Harcourt Studio. He has worked for many periodicals including Vogue, Harper's Bazaar, Vanity Fair and Libération.

In the year 2000, he was voted one of the 5 world's best photographers by GQ magazine. He received the Special Jury prize from the FNAC Talent contest. In 2008, he was selected by Martin Parr to hold an exhibit at the first New York Photo Festival. His pictures have been shown in several museums such as le Musée des Arts Décoratifs (Paris), the Museum of Contemporary Art of Shanghai, the Beijing Museum of Contemporary Art and Les Rencontres d'Arles, France.

Hamidou Anne

Counsellor with Senegalese Government

An alumnus of the ENA in France, Hamidou Anne also holds a Master’s degree in communication from the CELSA. A former diplomat and now an essayist and researcher at the Gaston Berger de Saint-Louis University, he coordinated the collective work "Politisez-vous !" (Politicise yourself!) (United Press), regrouping 10 young Senegalese writers in 2017.

He recently published "Panser l’Afrique qui vient" (Présence Africaine) as well as a biography entitled "Amadou Mahtar Mbow : une vie, des combats".

He was also a columnist for Le Monde Afrique on the social and political challenges facing contemporary Africans.

Olena Havrylchyk

Economics Professor

Olena Havrylchyk is an Economics Professor at the University of Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne and founder and director of the Master’s degree “Finance Technology Data”. She is also a consultant for the OECD in the domain of financial regulations. She led the research in the Bank of England as well as in various central banks, in foreign universities and research centers.

Her work studies the interaction between technology and financial intermediation, particularly for crowdlending and crypto-active platforms. Olena has been published in the Review of Finance, the Journal of Banking and Finance as well as in other academic reviews.

She has received the best article prize at the First Toronto FinTech Conference in 2018, the SAB 2013 trophy for sustainable finance and the Olga Radzyner prize in 2011 for her research work on European economic integration. Originally from Ukraine, Olena obtained her Doctorate in Economics from the European University of Viadrina in Germany.

Philippe Assalit


Philippe Assalit, a self-taught photographer and visual artist, is a scientist by training. His work is primarily concerned with the human body, femininity and masculinity, at the borderline between painting, sculpture, drawing and photography. He describes himself as a neo-Pictorialist, having been inspired by the pioneers of collage, grattage, montage, and hand colouring.

He combines the techniques of make-up, drawing, painting, montage and three-dimensionality, working in series (of between 10 and 100 photographs) to be viewed chronologically or as a single kaleidoscopic piece.

Philippe, who currently works in Paris and le Gers, has been exhibited in France and across Europe for 30 years notably by the Centre G. Pompidou-MNAM Paris, the Montmajour Abbey, R.I.P, Arles, in Korea and for the inaugural exhibition of the Maison Particuliere Art Centre, Brussels.

Roger Pfund

Painter, graphic designer and designer

Of Swiss and French ethnicity, Roger Pfund lives and works in Geneva where he has directed a visual communication atelier since 1971. As a graphic artist, Roger developed activities in all domains of visual communication. He also works in various areas including the cultural, humanitarian, financial and industrial sectors.

For many years, he has specialised in the creation and design of banknotes and has advised a number of countries as a counsellor and creator of new notes. Since 1971, he was involved in the creation of Swiss banknotes and is the creator of the last banknote series released by France. In 1996, he was awarded the first prize by the International Jury of the European Monetary Institute in the EURO contest.

Martha Mghendi-Fisher

Social entrepreneur and fintech professional

Martha is a philanthropist, a social entrepreneur and fintech & payments professional who was born in Kenya. Martha migrated to The Netherlands permanently in 2008 where she lives to date. She is a vocal champion and advocate for children, the vulnerable and women. She is also a strong advocate for equality, diversity & inclusion and dedicates a lot of time speaking at conferences and events about the importance and impacts of diversity & inclusion.

Martha is the Founder of European Women Payments Network (EWPN), the African Women in Fintech & Payments (AWFP), the Beyond Innocence Foundation (BIF), the Dali Spaces-Coworking Spaces for Women, The Fintologist and the The Grieving Migrant. She is also the founding member of Wadawida Education Fund (WEF), a private fund offering high school scholarships to students coming from poor families in Taita and was President (2017/2018) for Rotary Club Utrecht International (RCUI), where she still is a member.

Anne-Sophie Duroyon-Chavanne

Director of the Exhibitions and Collections Department at the Monnaire de Paris

Anne-Sophie Duroyon-Chavanne graduated from the University of Pantheon-Sorbonne in 2004 with a Master's degree in Art History and Classical Archaeology. She completed her training with a DESS in cultural heritage management and thus specialises in the management of cultural institutions and corporate heritage.

With her experience in the development of jewellery, photographic and graphic arts heritage within the Chanel and Chaumet Houses, she joined the Monnaie de Paris in 2006 to develop and promote the tangible and intangible heritage of the last factory in Paris. In 2008, she took the lead in the museum renovation program carried out as part of the MétaLmorphoses project and is jointly pursuing the enhancement and preservation of the art crafts of the Monnaie de Paris.

In 2017, she became Administrator of the Exhibitions and Collections Department. It supports the implementation and monitoring of the scientific and cultural project, including museum programming and operation, permanent collections and exhibitions, in its financial, legal and administrative dimensions, as well as cultural strategy.


Small bill, big thrill

A few things paid with not much to inspire the contest.

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