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Imagine the future, create your currency

By making your own design from scratch or by using our online interface.


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Imagine the future, create your currency

After years of continuous success, Wipplay together with CashEssentials, a global, independent think tank, whose mission is to monitor ongoing developments and undertake research and analysis on cash and its future, is launching its fourth photo contest. You’re invited to imagine a new currency of tomorrow that portrays a positive impact to society. Such imagined currency will allow you to integrate images, decorations, associated values and even a currency name. It’s up to you to choose all the elements that will define your own banknote or coin and the story you want to tell us – whether tackling a current issue or a symbolic message! To participate, you can make your own design from scratch or use our online interface where you can choose one of the proposed “banknote” or “coin” templates, upload your image and fill in the various fields to design your new currency.

There are no limits to your imagination, however, keep in mind that the currency design should illustrate a human and solidarity dimension with the objective of appropriating this medium of interaction and symbolic exchange! The Imagine Currency photo contest project lies within the scope of Humania, a global cash community initiative to support Human Recovery and Development post-Covid-19. A selection of photos will be auctioned with the aim of raising money to support those who have been most affected by the crisis.

Some Inspiration

Designed by Carlos Almenar
Designed by Phillipe Mermoud
Designed by Sebastien Freuler
Designed by Carlos Almenar
Designed by Sebastien Freuler

Want to share your imaginary currency?

Jury Prizes

1st prize

Nikon D5600 camera

2nd prize

Coolpix A1000 Nikon camera

3rd prize

Coolpix W150 camera

Public Prizes

1st prize

Instax Mini camera

2nd prize

Instax Mini camera

3rd prize

Instax Mini camera

The Jury

Carlos Almenar

Artist & Designer

Carlos Almenar Diaz is a French-Australian citizen, born in Venezuela, who has won multiple awards as an established Banknote Designer, Contemporary Artist, and Journalist. Besides his artistic work, Carlos is the founder of Banknote Art ConceptTM (BAC) whom values include the promotion, education, and curation of the artistic and cultural dimension of banknotes and coins, from the holistic research involved in their creation, to their artistic reuse in the context of Money Art.

Carlos worked as a Banknote Designer at the Central Bank of Venezuela, Casa de la Moneda, for 12 years, before pursuing his career when joining Oberthur Fiduciaire in 2008, in France. In 2014, he joined CCL Secure Australia as Senior Banknote Designer, developing banknote designs on polymer substrate for multiple countries around the world.

Throughout his career of 25 years, Carlos has studied colour theory, in particular geometric patterns, extrapolating these concepts into the development of banknote designs. He created and used these chromatic perceptions and patterns for multiple cultures, and communities beliefs representations across the world. Carlos believes that the dynamism between the design concepts, chromatic theories, and the printing process, makes a perfect synergy between visual design and art.

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Philippe Assalit

Photographer and visual artist

Philippe Assalit, a self-taught photographer and visual artist, is a scientist by training. His work is primarily concerned with the human body, femininity and masculinity, at the borderlines between painting, sculpture, drawing and photography. He describes himself as a neo-Pictorialist, having been inspired by the pioneers of collage, grattage, montage, and hand colouring.

He combines the techniques of make-up, drawing, painting, montage and three-dimensionality, working in series (of between 10 and 100 photographs) to be viewed chronologically or as a single kaleidoscopic piece.

Philippe, presently working in Paris and le Gers, has been exhibited in France and across Europe notably for 30 years on several occasions by the Centre G. Pompidou-MNAM Paris, at the Montmajour Abbey. R.I.P, Arles (2010), in Korea (2010 & 2011), and for the inaugural exhibition of the Maison Particuliere Art Centre, in Brussels (2011). He was invited by Valérie Bach in her Domaine de Peyrassol (Var France 2013), by Leila Voight in the Festival international d’art contemporain Alpilles Provence A-part 2015, Baux de Provence. His séries « Monnaies » is part of the Galila Barzilaï Hollander collection and was presented on several occasions (Christies Paris 2013, Fotofever art fair 2014-Paris, The WOAN, Bruxelles 2017, International Bank Designers Conference 2018 Lisbon).

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Tom Badley

Artist & Designer

Tom Badley is an artist and security documents designer. He attended Slade School of Fine Art (London) and Cooper Union for the Advancement of Science and Art (New York). After graduating in 2008, he began as an independent designer, collaborating with artists and brands. His work led to his recruitment to the banknote industry in 2015. Tom now works on projects in a range of areas in the private sector - from cryptocurrency, technology, to bespoke art commissions and collaborations.

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Amandine Blier

Communications Director, Citéco

Amandine Blier is in charge of communications at the Cité de l'Économie. She has helped anchor the museum in the cultural fabric of Paris and strives every day to make it better known. Amandine is a graduate of the Beaux-Arts and was previously a DA in a communications agency before setting up a fashion design office and holding a position as head of publishing and design for the city of Versailles for five years.

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Michelle Bonzon-Vuilleumier

Designer for Koenig & Bauer

Michelle Bonzon-Vuilleumier has been working for Koenig & Bauer Banknote Solutions since 2003 as a Designer for Security Documents in the Design Services Department.
Michelle is a dual national of Switzerland and Colombia, and obtained her Bachelor of ESAA of Graphic Design at the University of Art and Design in Lausanne, Switzerland (ECAL) in 2000. After receiving her Bachelor’s degree, Michelle then moved on to specialize in graphic concepts for the press industry.
Being bilingual in both Spanish and French, Michelle went to Paris perfecting her knowledge of graphic content for the press before moving to Houston, Texas to continue working on a Spanish publication specializing in page layout and image editing.
In 2002, after returning to Lausanne, Switzerland she continued to acquire additional skills in the field of website design, by updating the website for the Lausanne Opera together with perfecting her knowledge of internal networks architecture.
Since 2019 up to present, Michelle is the Design Project Manager and has been instrumental in the creation and origination of national banknote designs for several countries.

In additional to the design projects, she has provided in-depth training and support for the ONE environment for numerous Koenig & Bauer Banknote Solutions customers, for various countries including, Venezuela, Serbia, USA, Indonesia, Ghana, Italy, Colombia, United Arab Emirate, Taiwan and others.

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Sebastien Freuler

Digital Creation Manager SICPA

Sebastien Freuler manages the creative digital team at SICPA that produces visuals and interactive communication materials. The team has supported and assisted clients in nationwide communication campaigns for newly issued banknotes and brand protection solutions. He ensures the production of educational media, didactic films, mobile applications, promotional material for products, and creative solutions for external and internal communication campaigns.

Back at University, he used to play around a little with photography, but since then, his primary focus has been on motion media design. He began his career working for major brands such as the Champions League, EURO 2012, Rolex, Vodaphone & Cadbury’s, and collaborated with Havas World Wide and JWT.

He believes that quantity makes quality, that your only as good as your last piece of work and recombination is here to dominate.

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Scott Hutchings

President and founder of Global Coin Solutions

Scott Hutchings is the President and Founder of Global Coin Solutions, specializing in the processing and repatriation of foreign currency for charity. Scott has been handling foreign currency for the past 8 years and began Global Coin Solutions in February of 2015. Prior to that, Scott spent over a dozen years with IBM/Lenovo in various roles. Scott also spent some time with a couple of small businesses, increasing the profitability in one and tripling the revenue of the other.

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Stephen Joannon

Contemporary art expert at Catawiki

Arrived in Paris at the end of the 80s to study art there (Graduated from IESA), Stephen Joannon will very quickly blend into the art world, working in turn in prestigious galleries (Jennifer Flay, Yvon Lambert, Karsten Greve…), at the FIAC general commission and art critic for 10 years for the magazine Purple Prose.

From 1995 to 2001, he directed the Kiron gallery in Paris and curated several exhibitions including Winter of Love at the Museum of Modern Art in the city of Paris and the PS1 Museum in New York.

Gallerist committed to the field of transversalities, he managed several galleries for 15 years before turning to more digital horizons in 2019 by becoming an expert in contemporary art for the Catawiki auction platform.

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Reto Karrer

Designer at OVD Kinegram (a KURZ Company)

Reto Karrer works for OVD Kinegram AG, a Swiss subsidiary of the German KURZ Group, where he designs optically-variable security features for governmental ID documents and banknotes. He has a background in both Engineering Drawing and Performing Arts and completed studies in Art Direction at Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts and Design Thinking at Lucerne University of Engineering and Architecture.

Among other projects, he has created security foil designs for prestigious projects such as the current EURO banknotes, the Swiss Franc notes and the English Pound notes, as well as numerous ID documents worldwide.

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Guillaume Lepecq

Chairman of CashEssentials

Guillaume Lepecq is a globally recognized expert in the subjects of cash and payments. Working primarily as a consultant over the last twenty years, Guillaume was appointed Chair of CashEssentials, a global, independent think tank, whose mission is to monitor ongoing developments and undertake research and analysis on cash, in February 2019.

Guillaume has specialized particularly in retail transactions, including both cash and electronic payments. He has spent the last twenty years advising financial institutions throughout Europe on their payment strategies. He has been involved in a number of wide-scale projects related to European financial integration, such as the euro cash changeover, the migration to EMV cards and the implementation of the Banknote Recycling Framework.

Mr. Lepecq is also a published author, who has written a number of publications and reports detailing the role of cash in society and the means by which it flows across the economy including: “The Future of Cash - An Asian Perspective”, “CashEssentials - Beyond Payments”, “The Future of Cash”, “The Future of Smart Payments” and “Managing the Changeover to the Euro”.

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Banknotes and coins are a collective good integral to society and its proper functioning, the evolution of cash, therefore, should be shaped collectively; that is, in the joint long-term interest of individuals, businesses, regulators, non-state actors and society. In our view, the future of money is not just a technology issue. It is fundamentally a socio-economic issue: the future of the monetary system should be efficient; fair; inclusive; resilient; sustainable; respectful of individual privacy and include a vision for human betterment. A part of that solution is cash. In a rapidly digitising society, we believe in the imperative of keeping cash up-to-date and open to change, as it possesses a set of unique attributes. Cash is non-discriminatory and can be used by everyone; protects individual privacy; is a crisis safe-haven — cash does not crash — and is a friend of the poor and unbanked.

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As Europe’s first interactive museum dedicated to economics, Citéco seeks to answer existing questions and spark new ones among visitors of all ages, encourage debate and provide constructive food for thought!
Along an edutaining visitor trail with innovative displays, Citéco has a host of interactive, team games in store as well as wide-ranging educational material.
Citéco also puts on a programme packed with temporary exhibitions, thematic evenings, activity workshops and conference cycles: for understanding economics in a whole new light … while having fun!

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